Wednesday, 8 February 2012


Here are the photos of my final design of my digipack for Scarlett Divas. As you can see I have kept to the same motifs using red, black, leopard and the diamond border. I decided to use all black backgrounds as I feel that everything stands out very well on it even if wearing black dresses. On the front cover I have used a mid-group shot as well as using the logo typography. I use the enhancement tool to make the band stand out and look glamourous. I have put the title of the digipack and the "bonus DVD included" in small italics so it does not dominate the front cover; I wanted the band to be the main focus and not the writing. Therefore I included "No Scrubs" in leopard print writing in the inside cover when someone would open it. Again with a close group shot and the name of the digipack being the main focus. I like using the leopard print in the block writing as it stands out.
My design included on the three inside panels that I wanted to have a photo of the band members individually in red clothing to stand out on the black. These photos are taken from the shooting at the bar so the buyer would recognize the link between both. To make them stand out more I used the diamond border. This emphasizes each of the band members and makes them look like something special and expensive. I wanted my digipack to have discs that slip in a little pocket and as you can see I have added to the design little openings where the discs would sit and what number each one is.
On the back of the digipack is where the song names are. I wanted this to be different from the rest of the digipack however still contain the ideology of the band. I used italic writing and in white because it stands out from the bright red background. I think where I have kept it simple and just used classy italic writing it looks glamorous and not tacky. As you can also see I have included the record label name and cut it out so it matches (in white) as well as the DVD logo because of including a DVD with the no scrubs music video. I have also included the copyright information for SONY BMG as this is required on the back of the digipack. Another convention I have added is the barcode which is required on the back of the CD.
Finally, to stand out from the black I have made the spines leopard print. It was really hard to have the writing stand out on this print therefore I had to experiment a lot and in the end made the band name white, the title of the digipack in red and kept the record label in it's logo it comes in. Overall, I am happy with the design of my digipack it turned out exactly how I wanted to. I love the use of the motifs of colours and design and liked using the enhancement tools on the photos to make the band members stand out. I believe I have used all the codes and conventions correctly to make this digipack.

Monday, 6 February 2012

Final Poster

Here is my final draft of my poster. As you can see I have chosen a group long shot to showcase Scarlett Divas to show of the leopard accessory. I have used the diamonds and typography from the logo to keep the ideology going of the band. I have also placed it on a black background as I believe everything stands out really well. The typography of the release date is in white which also stands out on the Black and is bold enough for an audience member to notice this. I chose to do "No Scrubs" in leopard print as I think in the bold block writing it looks really stylish and fashionable which the band represents. I have included the record label company as well as the DVD logo so the audience are aware that the digipack includes a DVD. Furthermore, I also added a website for the band in white so it is clear to see. This was important to add because of promoting the band.

Digipack Process

Here are some screen shots of the process of my digipack. As you can see I am half way through and using similar conventions to the poster with the colours, logo, diamonds and photos. On the photos I have used the enhancement tool as well as the blur tool to make the photos look much better and clear. All I need to do now is add the copyright of Sony BMG on the back of the CD where the song list is.

Friday, 27 January 2012

Poster Process

Below are three edits of my poster as I feel I need to do more to make it the final perfect poster.
As you can see I have stuck to the costume and band ideology of black, red and leopard. I have used the band logo to help me create this poster with using the diamonds as a border to add to the glamorous effect. I have added the record label as well as the DVD logo because of the digipack containing a DVD.
To improve this poster I need to make "NO SCRUBS" stand out more maybe by giving it a white border. Furthemore, in white as it stands out I need to add the message of a Bonus DVD being included as this poster is advertising the digipack.